Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Kodi Streaming Guide

Kodi one of the most sought-after platforms to watch the Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr and a media software. Thousands of viewers across the globe watch content on Kodi. Kodi is an open-source platform that requires Kodi add-ons to watch content on live streaming. The internet consists of a wide range of Kodi add-ons that are related to sports, movies, and TV shows.

You will find several add-ons for TV shows and movies but when it comes to live streaming of boxing there are very few. Therefore, it is very important to get the correct add-on if you want to watch the boxing match on pay per view. In this article, we will give you the steps of the process to watch the Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr boxing live on Kodi.

Pay per View

The return of Mike Tyson will be one of the biggest boxing event ever in history. Over the last decade, the internet has grown a lot and since then it has undergone many changes. The only medium to watch the live streaming of boxing matches was television. But now there is the internet and with it, a lot of other alternatives have also surfaced. So much so that the concept of PPV has been taken seeing a steep increase in online viewership.

Pay Per view is called PPV in short.   The meaning of this concept is anyone who wants to watch the boxing match live has to pay a specific amount. A lot of the people who are die-hard boxing fans buy the PPVs and its growth is incredible. The cost of the PPV is between $ 39 – $59m and it is based on the gravity of the match.

Live Stream Tyson vs Jones Jr boxing match on Kodi.

There are over a million fans of boxing fans across the globe and not all of them can afford such a high cost to watch a single match.  That is why you have Kodi at your service which is a platform where the fans can watch this PPV for free. But it is important to find the correct add-on to watch the event.

Watching Kodi without a VPN could be risky.

That’s right, if you want to use Kodi then it has to be through a VPN. If you use Kodi without a VPN is not safe and we will tell you why is it not safe?

  • Geo-restricted channels.

VPNs is used to bypass most of the channels that are geo-restricted in regions. Using a VPN the restriction can be avoided and the Tyson vs Jones Jr match can be watched. The IP address is masked by the VPN and will make you appear as an anonymous online user. With the VPN you can watch the boxing match on live streaming without any problems.

  • Using illegitimate Kodi Add-ons without a VPN is not safe.

First things first, watching content using Kodi add-ons is illegal. That’s because the content which has copyrights is streamed for free. So, if you use Kodi without a VPN all the actions will be monitored by the ISP when the IP address is tracked. This can be unsafe as the information can be passed on to the government or the companies in demand. That’s way too risky, so when you use a VPN, the identity is not revealed due to the IP address always changing.

Let’s see which VPN is best for Kodi.

So, if you are investing some amount to buy the VPN then it is worth it. It is certainly less expensive than purchasing a PPV.  So, we suggest the best two VPNs available on the market.


  1.       Register to the ExpressVPN and then it is speedy service.
  2.       Then the VPN is connected to a server in the UK or the US.
  3.       Now you can use Kodi with the VPN on your device.


  1.       Download PureVPN to your device and register to it.
  2.       Then enter the credentials and log in.
  3.       Respective server from the list of countries is selected.
  4.       After the connection is established you are good to go.

Some of the Add-ons for Kodi to the Tyson vs Jones Jr match.

There are a lot of add-ons that are not legal and it is vital to have a list of add-ons that are working. Many times, during a match one stream may get down during such times the list might be useful.

  1.       PlanetMMA
  2.       The Loop
  3.       Sportsdevil
  4.       Sportsworld
  5.       ZemTV
  6.       FightTube
  7.       UK Turk List
  8.       Pure soccer.

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