Mike Tyson Comeback Fight Preview

The entire world along with the sporting community is waiting with bated breath for September 12th to watch Tyson vs Jones boxing event. No, not a coronavirus vaccine, but something of unimaginable proportions as well. The Iron Mike, the Bad Boy of Pro-Boxing, Mike Tyson is going to make a comeback after 15 years of quitting the star-studded world of Pro-boxing, in an exhibition match against Roy Jones Junior. 

Yes, you heard it right! The 54 years, a former heavyweight champion who shot his way to glory and instant stardom when he became the youngest ever heavyweight champion at around 20 years of age, had dueled quite a bit in his life with scandals and undesirable situations and events. Biting off the ear of his on-ring opponent Evander Holyfield earned him a fair bit of unpopularity and a lot of thumbs down. But the Iron Mike was never subdued, with his on-screen appearances for his private reality show or his movie cameos playing himself. And now, this menacing superstar is gracing the Pro-boxing ring once again, with the awestruck spectators, audience, and the entire sports community gripping the edge of their seats with the utmost anticipation. 

The build-up to the showdown:

While Tyson is known to be one of the deadliest and fiercest fighters ever, his would-be opponent Roy Jones Jr. has some of the calmest and coolest pairs of jabs and hooks that will definitely knock you out. The 51-year-old fighter has graced the ring in 2018 for the last time and had back-to-back wins prior to his retirement. 

But the transformation of the Iron Mike has been quite phenomenal, or should we say, mercurial. But then, phenomenal is a term that can be synonymous with the ‘baddest man on the planet’. In an interview to TMZ sport, Tyson went on to confess how he was reeling under the shadow of cocaine and booze binges and had his life going topsy-turvy a few years back. He said: “At one time I was just 90lbs overweight, I was doing cocaine, I was drinking and I said, Allah if he can stop me from being this way, I’ll change my whole life.”

But then the radical transformation happened with his marriage. He got sober and once his brother-in-law offered him a comeback fight against Bob Sapp, he did not give it much thought. Though initially, he refused the exorbitant amount of money involved and the entire sporting world’s anticipatory glance, nothing could keep the fighter spirit subdued much longer. Before long, the fight was decided from his end, and with a twist of fate, he came face to face with the only contender that dared stand up against him in this exhibition bout- Roy Jones Jr. 

Everything at stake:

Roy Jones Jr. has been training since his retirement in 2018 that ended with a 4-match winning streak, with Chris Eubank Jr. and is promising to put up a brilliant show. But Iron Mike has again pulled up a stunt that has made boxing fans go crazy. The 54-year-old superstar didn’t have a taste of pro-boxing for the last 15 years. But he quit on his drinking and his addictive habits and shed 6 stones prior to his exhibition bout. Now, the former heavyweight boxer looks in the best shape and a physique that can be compared to current boxing superstars. He is indeed breaking a sweat on his training and sparring activities and wants to prove to the world that the Iron can strike again.

And boy, it will be a sight to behold!

The match schedule:

The showdown that has been touted ‘the Frontline Battle’ will be hosted at California on September 12th, 2020, under the auspices of the CSAC and a unique set of rules. It will potentially attract millions of pay-per-views across the planet and can also be live-streamed via the Triller app.

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