About Mike Tyson “Iron Mike”

About “Iron Mike”: A little kid from Brooklyn to the youngest Heavyweight champion


A certain Michael Gerard ‘Mike’ Tyson was born in Brooklyn in 1966 to father Jimmy Kirkpatrick, who walked out on him when he was two. His mother, Lorna Tyson was the sole caregiver to him and his two siblings. Michael got tangled into criminal activities as young as 11 and had already visited prison more than thirty times by the time he was 13. Right Now Mike Tyson is 54 years old. 

For Mike, a kid from a crime-infested neighborhood in Brooklyn with learning disabilities making frequent trips to prison, things weren’t looking bright.

About Mike Tyson

Meeting the catalyst:

Tyson’s actions saw him enrolled at a reform school in New York. It was at that place where he met the man who’d eventually initiate a saga of shimmering highs and dreadful lows. Bob Stewart, the man in charge of counseling the kids was himself an amateur boxer, from whom Tyson learned his basics. 

Soon, Stewart took him to Constantine ‘Cus’ D’Amato, a boxing manager of legendary status. Mike went into D’Amato’s tutelage after his parole as the relationship between them became something that of father and son.

In 1984, after years of training and practice in unofficial fights, Tyson participated in the Olympic trails. He faced Henry Tillman in the trail round, losing to him, who’d eventually be the Olympic winner of ’84. Right after this defeat Tyson turned pro. On his first outing as a pro aged only 18, he defeated Hector Mercedes. He won the match by a knockout in the first round.

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The rise and crash of Iron Mike:

The world soon turned its eyes at the ferociously uncanny southpaw as he stormed his way to stardom. In a span of just more than a year, he had an extremely boast-worthy record of 22-0, winning every one of those bouts by knockout barring one.

On 22nd November 1986, he became the youngest WBC Heavyweight champion. The following couple of years just kept on adding glitz to his already glorious record, as he won the World Boxing Associate Championship as well as The International Boxing Federation title. He became the first heavyweight to hold the three cumber bands simultaneously. 

Tyson’s meteoric rise came to cease when he suffered his first knockout, in Tokyo, against Buster Douglas. Tyson, who was not the same man he was after the passing of D’Amato, recovered from his first knockout as he beat Douglas to fulfill his revenge. Victories against Tillman and Alex Stewart in two other bouts followed but a spell in prison halted this run. 

After his time in prison, where he converted to Islam, he faced Evander Holyfield for the Heavyweight title. Tyson lost to Holyfield in that match but accused the victor of illegally headbutting him several times throughout the match. Fired up by this defeat, Tyson trained harder than ever to avenge his pride but did something condemnable under the spotlight in the ring. He bit off Holyfield’s ear almost completely. This highly deplorable act saw his boxing license getting revoked. 

On his way to calmer days:

The next time he stepped into the ring with something at stake was in 2002, when he sought to win the WBC, IBO and IBF championships by defeating Lennox Lewis. His dreams of a comeback were shattered when Lewis knocked him out. Suffering his final defeat in 2005, the great boxer announced his retirement from the sport.

He’d be considered an all-time great with a record of 50 wins and 44 KO’s in 58 fights. He was inducted in the Boxing Hall Of Fame in 2011. The man once hailed as the “baddest man on the planet” made multiple screen appearances after hanging up his shoes. Tyson now runs a Cannabis business in California while aiming to return to boxing to hold exhibition matches for charity. 

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