Sylvester Stallone Advice for Roy Jones Jr. Before the Big Fight

Rocky Balboa has given Roy Jones words of wisdom. Yes! Sylvester Stallone has indeed advised Jones Jr on the fight with Mike Tyson

The Hollywood star thinks that the law of physics won’t help the Jones Jr. He tells that Tyson is s wrecking ball. 

Last week when TMZ sports asked about Jones Jr fight against Tyson in November, Stallone who was about to leave Fia  in Santa Monica said “Well, let’s put it this way,” Stallone said. “What do you think it’s going to work? A 22 against a 45 ???”  

Sly looked worried for Jones Jr and did not like it. 

He added that Jones is a great boxer, but it is all about physics. 

Stallone has started in the highly successful movie series and has the qualification to give advice about boxing. Similar to the two boxing legends, Sly’s character Rocky Balboa came back to fight later in his age. Stallone has decided who he should be putting his money on when Tyson and Jones Jr will be in the ring. 

Tyson is notorious for his infamous ear-biting incident against Floyd Mayweather. He was also involved in drugs. Jones is also a multiple world heavyweight champion but the boxing legends who are well into their 50s are well and truly past their prime in boxing. 

It will be interesting to see if both will just kill time or fight it out and give the viewers something to cheer about. Nonetheless, it will be a treat to watch the boxing legends of the bygone era in the ring at the same time. 

The fight is scheduled to take place on the 28th of November at the Dignity Boxing Arena in California. And if you listen to what Sylvester Stallone is saying then Jones Jr still has a lot of time to give this one a miss. 

Rumors are spreading about another possible fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather and when Stallone was asked about it, he said Logan has guts, but he clearly thinks it is a good idea and the fight should not take place either. Looking into several aspects like the difference of weight between the two boxers, the fight may not take place. But when there is money at stake anything can happen. 

Stallone lauded the YouTuber for accepting to fight against one the all-time greats of boxing, but that’s where it should stop things from going any further. The expression on Stallone gave an idea of how uneven the boxing match could end up being.  

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